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A New Version of Plato's 'Apology' -- Defense of His 'Republic'
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A 15 page paper which poses a new version of Plato's Apology, in which he, and not Socrates, stands accused, this time, of political treason and religious subversion, and for using his writings to explain and justify the necessity for total revolution. Plato serves as his own defense attorney, while Aristotle acts as prosecutor and charges are based upon the evidence provided in Plato's The Republic, in which authoritarian rule and loss of independence are justified. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
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Plato's 'Republic' / Allegory of the Cave & Critical Thinking
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A 4 page examination of Plato's Allegory of the Cave, contained in Book VII of The Republic. The paper asserts that Plato's model helps us understand the dangers of accepting other people's views of reality -- a lesson just as applicable today as it was in Plato's time. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
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Plato's Apology / Aristopanes' Clouds
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The trial and death of Socrates has been documented in the writings of his admirer and student, Plato. In Apology, Plato gives an account of the trial of Socrates before the Athenian court. Socrates has been charged with corrupting the youth, not believing in the Gods of the City and changing his religious alliance to other, new divinities. This 5 page paper compares the presentation of Socrates by Plato with the Socrates of Aristophanes and asserts that by simply denying that he has corrupted the youth, asserting that he has a personal oracle to which he gives allegiance and invalidating his belief in the Gods of Athens by believing that he can prove the oracle of Delphi wrong if he can find a person who is wiser than he. Socrates, by his own defense, or lack thereof, shows himself to be guilty of the charges. No additional sources cited.
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