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Friedrich Nietzsche and Plato
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This 5 page report discusses Nietzsche's criticisms of Plato and then what Plato's reaction would be to Nietzsche's theories and beliefs. Plato believes that good is an absolute. There is one vision or one conceptually agreed upon consciousness of good and it is applicable for all people regardless of circumstance. In contrast, Nietzsche believes in the relative nature of good. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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Plato's Crito, Apology, & Republic / The Nature of Truth
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An 8 page analysis of three of Plato's Dialogues, showing how Plato actually diverted our attention from the truth under the guise of revealing it. Considerable emphasis is laid on Plato's methods, with examples from the three works. No additional sources cited.
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Plato's 'Republic' / The Epistemological, Ontological and Axiological
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A 10 page paper that suggests that Plato's Republic was created from a distinct historical perspective, demonstrated in Plato's epistemological, ontological and axiological world view. The writer explains how Plato's theory of knowledge develops with these characteristics in mind -- based on his almost skeptical perspective on Athenian society. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
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